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Sana Visual

Sana Visual

Sana Visual

Sana Visual

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With her stunning visuals and unique charms, Sana has really become a superstar even in a SSana full of visuals. At the event, Sana once again wore her signature shoulder-baring style top, which helped accentuate her purple highlights and added Sana Visual charm to her dance moves.

Sana Visual

Why isn’t Sana the visual in Twice. Thing is, Saja could be the Visual in every group. That's how gorgeous she is. She's tall enough, pretty enough, has the greatest hair, the best personality and can be Sana Visual sexy. There's no reason in the world.

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14/10/ · 1. Sana’s visuals are popping in this ruffled white blouse and black skirt look. Slaying pink Sana Visual is definitely her forte. Just an angel in a white dress. Sana is prettier than any flower in this floral print dress. littlethunders.beted Reading Time: 1 min.