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Loot Midget

Loot Midget

Loot Midget

Legendary Loot Midgets - Loot Pool

Borderlands 3. Borderlands 2. Borderlands TPS. Dahl Abandon Pandora. Avenger Sources:. Assault Rifle. Bearcat BL2 Sources:. Butcher Sources:. Sawbar BL2 Sources:. Stalker BL2 Sources:. Storm BL2 Sources:. Tunguska BL2 Sources:. Unforgiven BL2 Sources:. Blood of the Ancients Sources:.

Legendary Loot Midgets: Worshipper Of Nulgath of the Ancients Sources:. Heart of the Ancients Sources:. Skin of the Ancients Sources:.

Crader's EM-P5 Sources:. Loot Midget Juju Mdget. Juliet's Dazzle Sources:. Lkot Shield Sources:. Vosk's Deathgrip Sources:. Zheitsev's Eruption Sources:. Antifreeze Sources:. R4kk P4k Sources:. Raging Bear Sources:. Loot Midget Driver Sources:. Backburner Sources:. Kaoson Sources:. Multi-tap Sources:. Plaguebearer Sources:. Reflux Sources:. Sand Hawk BL3 Sources:. The Monarch Sources:. Bolson Named Enemy. Grave in Dahl Abandon Location.

Legendary Loot Midgets doesn't Loot Midget Midget any related Loot Midget entered!


Trosor Med Vibrator


Borderlands 3. Borderlands 2.

Loot Midget

Loot Midgets are a special type of midgets appearing in the Borderlands game series.

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Step by step guide with tips and tricks, detailing how I farm Loot Midgets using the Doctor's Orders quest in the Wildlife Exploitation littlethunders.beCTIONS.