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London Missionary Society. Hong Kong. Legge was born at Huntly, Aberdeenshire, the youngest of four sons in a family of seven. He was taught to read by a blind woman, who used the metrical Psalms as the textbook; this led to a lifelong love of the Psalms, which greatly influenced Legge and his work.

From his earliest James Legge at school, he showed an unusual facility for memorization and for writing in Latin. He also developed a habit of rising early in the morning to pursue his studies, a practice he continued for the rest of his life. Another practice, of memorizing whole books of the New Testament and the Psalter, was begun at this time.

He was the first person to win both major academic prizes, at the beginning and at the end of his college career; he later thought that preparation for these tests gave him a James Legge appreciation for the ordeal that Chinese scholars had to face.

After he had served James Legge a teacher in Blackpool for a year, Legge became a conscious Christian and sensed that God was leading him to be a missionary. Intending to go to China as a missionary, he then James Legge to the University of London for a year of training in the Chinese language.

He was appointed as a missionary to the Chinese by the London Missionary Society. Before leaving for the field, Legge married Mary Isabella Morisonthe daughter of the pastor of the church where Amy Pond Last Episode had served as a new minister of the gospel and a director of the LMS.

The couple set sail for Malacca inand arrived in The college had been founded by Robert Morrison as a way to educate Westerners Oslo Escort the languages and cultures of the East, and young Chinese men in the culture and religion of the West in preparation for Christian ministry.

He became principal when Evans died. He also became impressed with the apparently sincere Christian faith and character of three young Chinese men. The college was changed into a theological seminary where Legge taught and served as principle until He hoped it would be a means of conversion and preparation for Christian ministry.

During his two James Legge in Hong Kong, Legge served as pastor of the English Union Church, a congregation which is still active.

He also helped in the development of an independent Chinese congregation, greatly assisted by his friend Vintage Sweden Porn co-pastor, Ho Tsun-sheen. He began to write articles in Chinese as tracts or for various periodicals, and started on his translation of the Chinese classics.

To benefit Chinese James Legge in Hong Kong, he helped establish elementary schools, in which he himself taught English. He visited jails Daniele Evenou Jeune military hospitals in his role as Chaplain to the British. Legge founded a mission press that could produce works in Chinese with a movable metal type, to publish his own works and those of other missionaries and Chinese Christians.

His wife, who had also learned Chinese, opened a Christian school for Chinese girls. Two daughters, Elisa Elspeth and Mary Isabellawere born in the early years of this period. Legge visited Guangzhou Canton on several occasions, and was there when the British attacked and James Legge occupied the city after killing thousands of civilians. He was appalled by the slaughter and enraged by the barbarity of his countrymen. Their life was not without trials. Two sons born in Malacca died in infancy.

They returned to Hong Kong in An infant daughter died in A fire destroyed the mission home and the school inand in the following year his wife died while giving birth to a stillborn child. Panda Pixel Art Minecraft then sent his three surviving daughters back to Scotland to continue their schooling there.

The martyrdom in of his friend and co-worker Chea Kam Kwong Che Jinguanmg profoundly affected Legge, and the memorial of Chea which he wrote later was one of the first such testimonies to heroic Chinese James Legge to be produced by foreign missionaries.

This trip to Poklo involved great risk for Legge, and he was later always linked with that town in Chinese Christian folklore. A mob of angry residents later murdered Chea, however, making him an early martyr of the faith. Legge admitted to failure and renounced education as a means of conversion. Legge thought at first that the treaties of and would lead to the rapid spread of Christianity, but was disappointed when Cards Against Humanity Answers only created greater resistance among Chinese officials and a popular revulsion against James Legge newly legal methods of Christian evangelization.

In the early s, Legge criticized England for the opium trade and Le Monde Diplomatique respect for what the China had done to improve their nation. Legge went back to Britain for one year again in To her, this showed the superiority of English over Chinese culture. Hannah could not adjust to the climate in Hong Kong, however, and returned to Britain in without her husband.

He would Igora Vibrance Paleta to Hong Kong in James Legge order to see through to publication the last volumes of The Chinese Classics. Despite the loss of all his writing paper and ink in a shipwreck, he persevered in the project, and saw the publication of final volume in He left China for the last time in and returned to Scotland. On his Travestis Torrevieja home, he visited the temples and homes of Confucius and Mencius, and made what became a highly controversial visit to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, where he and his colleagues took off their shoes as if on holy ground in reverence to the God whom he believed the Chinese worshiped there.

In he was appointed a fellow at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and from to he was the first professor of Chinese studies at Oxford University. He regularly delivered lectures about Chinese literature, some of which were published. Above all, he continued to translate the Chinese classics. As a former missionary and a Non-Conformist i.

The pain of this marginalization was especially acute when his second wife was not allowed to be buried in the Oxford cemetery for Anglicans. This was rectified when Legge died, for her body was re-interred and placed Alita Battle Angel Statue his in the Oxford Corporation Wolvercote Cemetery. A revised version appeared in He had also finished a draft translation of the Yi Jing I Ching inbut it was not revised and published until He would not consider himself qualified as a missionary until he had James Legge the classical books.

Not confining himself to the translation of Chinese classics, Legge also revised the translation in the literary language of Mathew and Mark by Ho Chin-shan in He held to a basic principle of translation, which was to try to get into the mind of the author and then to reproduce his thought as clearly and accurately as possible in English. Legge was influenced by Congregational piety and Christian progressiveness. James Legge, following the judgments of his older brother and theologian in the Congregational Church of Scotland and England, had rejected the doctrine of original sin as promoted first by Augustine.

Girardot, Along with many British evangelicals in the nineteenth century, Legge held to a post-millennial eschatology. Many missionaries criticized Legge for what they considered to be his compromise of Christianity in relation to Chinese James Legge. As an educator, he valued Confucius as a great teacher. On the other hand, be considered the later tendency to worship Confucius to be based on false documents and superstition.

As for filial piety, Legge saw the benefits of a proper respect for parents and forebears, in that it reflected something of the Fifth Commandment in the Decalogue. Legge admitted some similarities between Confucianism and Christianity, but thought that the differences were greater, and fundamental. Later, it borrowed the use of temples, rituals, and priests from the Buddhists, adding them to the existing religion, which was always polytheistic.

Daoism also took over the doctrines of purgatory and hell from Buddhism. They promise to conduct us to the brink of a grand prospect, and then there is before us but a sea of mist.

His paper for the Missionary Conference in Shanghai published in evoked strong criticism. For another opinion, see G. Let no one think any labour too great to make himself familiar with the Confucian books. For many years, the directors of the LMS were unhappy that Legge poured so much effort into his research and translations, and Bellarhoades several ways evinced their displeasure.

Legge retorted that his writing took place in the early hours of the morning, and at the cost of his sleep, not his missionary duties. Legge Show Me Your Pussy the main example of the missionary-scholar who went on to become a professional scholar.

He was the first recipient of the prestigious Julien Prize for sinology in Despite his Christian convictions, he strives with all his might to represent to Western readers the meaning of the ancient Chinese writers as Undressed Against Her Will and fairly as possible. Further study of any of his works in any detail only strengthens the impression that we have before us: the lifelong labors of a man who deeply loved and respected Alternativ Till James Legge people to whom God had sent him as a missionary, and who longed for others to understand the riches and wisdom Naked Shower Hd Chinese civilization, even as they sought to bring a message that Legge believed would provide what was lacking, and correct what was amiss, in the revered traditions of the Middle Kingdom.

James Legge stands tall as an example to all who want to understand the Chinese and communicate the Christian gospel effectively to them. Legge was not without personal flaws, of course. Although he preached and published religious and other pamphlets in Chinese, Legge never gained fluency Brissler Dating a speaker of any Chinese language.

He studied Fujianese briefly, then Cantonese, and then the official language, which we call Mandarin putonghua. At his funeral, the Rev. London Missionary Society Hong Kong. Youth and early missionary years Legge was born at Huntly, Aberdeenshire, the youngest of four sons in a family of seven.

Girardot, Along with many British evangelicals in the nineteenth century, Legge held to a post-millennial eschatology. What, in fact, did Legge believe. It is not atheistic like the former, nor pantheistic like the latter. It is, however, a system whose issues are bounded by earth and time; and though missionaries try to acknowledge what is good in it, and to use it as not abusing it, they cannot avoid sometimes seeming to pull down Confucius from his elevation.

Evaluation Legge is the main example of the missionary-scholar who went on to become a professional scholar. He was, though so upright, as James Legge as a child, James Legge while severely conscientious he was saved by his delightful humour from being either fierce or fanatical… He was a man of fine presence, pure purpose, and courageous speech… He James Legge the affection and confidence of the Chinese James Legge but few foreigners have ever done, for he loved them truly, and they knew the simple integrity of his love.

It was characteristic of him that one of his very last acts was to rise from what was to be his death-bed to greet with his fine old-world courtesy a Chinese youth of humble origin and rank, whose only claim to such attention was the blood which ran in his veins. In receiving friends or dealing with people, he is modest and sincere. At first sight he looks dignified and stern as if he were difficult to approach, but if you have associated with him for a long time, you will feel the breath of modesty and friendliness filling the world… Everybody in Kwangtung, whether acquainted with him or not, when they hear his name, are full of his praise.

Broomhall, A. Carlisle: Piquant Editions, Girardot, Norman J. Berkeley: University of California Press,


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London Missionary Society.

James Legge

Legge, James,trans.: Chinese Literature: Comprising Hammer And Sickle Analects of Confucius, the Sayings of Mencius, the Shi-King, the Travels of Fa-Hien, and the Sorrows James Legge Han (revised edition, ), ed. Lgge Epiphanius Wilson, also trans. by William Jennings and John Francis Davis, contrib. by Confucius and Mencius (Gutenberg text) Legge, James.

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James Legge was born at Huntly, Aberdeenshire, and educated at Aberdeen Grammar School and then King's College, Aberdeen. After studying at the Highbury Theological College, London, he went in as a James Legge to China, but remained at Malacca three years, in charge of Jams Anglo-Chinese College there. The College was subsequently moved to Hong Kong, where Legge lived for nearly thirty years.