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Beg An Fry

Beg An Fry

Beg An Fry

Beg An Fry

Beg An Fry

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The Catacombs - United States. La pointe Beg an Fry. Interesting rock climbing area for routes Beg An Fry to 5cfrom 6a to 6c and from 7a to 7c french grades. Approach 10 min down hill. Kids friendly. Between 10 and 25 routes, from 3b to 7cspread over many crags Bolting : sport climbing.

Rock : granite. Characteristic s : vertical Deflation Index, slab. Type s of holds : crimps, cracks. Répartition des voies :. Zoom in to get all the rock climbing places km around. Map and Directions. Internet Guide Books : www-labsticc. Submit pictures for La pointe Beg an Fry. Rock climbing area GPS Coordinates :. Latitude : 48° 42' 16" N.

Beg An Fry : Beg An Fry An Fry 42' 16". Latitude : 48° Degrees, Décimal minutes DM. Latitude : Parking lot GPS Coordinates Desnudasxwebcam. Latitude : 48° 42' 4" N. Longitude : 3° 43' 12" W. Latitude : 48° 42' 4".


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The Catacombs - United States. La pointe Beg an Fry.

Beg An Fry

Beg an Fry " (Coming from Plougasnou). From Morlaix to Saint-Jean-du-Doigt, take the road called Prajou and then a path to the sea at Beg. In the rocky coastal cliffs, there is arsenopyrite, chalcopyrite, covellite, galena, goethite, hematite, magnetite, marcasite, pyrite, and quartz.

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Aujourd'hui avec ces qui changent rapidement la couleur de la mer, un time lapse s'y prêtait bien.