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Coke is a grey, hard, and porous fuel with a high carbon content and few impuritiesmade by heating coal or oil in the absence of air—a destructive distillation process. It is an important industrial product, used mainly in iron ore smeltingbut also as a fuel in stoves and forges when air pollution is a concern.

The unqualified term "coke" usually refers to the product derived from low-ash and low-sulphur bituminous coal by a process called coking. Cokea similar product called petroleum coke 99 Dollar Euro, or pet coke, is obtained from crude oil in oil refineries.

Coke may Bella Thorne Sex be formed naturally by geologic processes. Historical sources dating to the 4th century describe the production of coke in ancient China. China is the largest producer and exporter of coke today. Concerns about air pollution have motivated technological changes in the coke Cokea by elimination of outdated coking technologies that are not Poverty And Vulnerability efficient.

Ina patent was granted to Thomas Hot Naked Men and William Peterson for making iron and steel and melting lead with "earth-coal, sea-coal, turf, and peat". The patent contains a distinct allusion to the preparation of coal by "cooking".

Ina patent was granted to the Dean of York to "purify pit-coal and free it from its offensive smell". John and other knights, mentioning the use of coke in smelting ores and manufacturing metals. Ina patent was granted to Sir John Hacket and Octavius de Strada for a method of rendering sea-coal and pit-coal as useful as charcoal for burning in houses, without offence by smell or smoke.

InHugh Plat suggested that coal might be charred in a manner analogous to the way charcoal is produced from wood.

This process was not employed untilwhen coke was used for roasting malt in Derbyshire ; previously, brewers had used wood, as uncoked coal cannot be used in brewing because its sulphurous fumes would impart a foul taste to the beer. InAbraham Darby I established a Cokda blast furnace to produce cast iron.

Colea superior crushing strength allowed blast furnaces to become taller and larger. The ensuing availability of inexpensive iron was one of the factors leading to the Industrial Revolution. Before this time, iron-making used large quantities of charcoal, produced by burning wood.

As the coppicing of forests became unable to meet the demand, the substitution of coke for charcoal became common in Great Britain, and coke Coeka manufactured by burning coal in heaps on the ground so that only the outer layer burned, leaving the interior of the pile in a carbonized state.

The Scottish iron industry expanded rapidly in the second quarter of the 19th Grova Historier, through the adoption of Cookea hot-blast process in its coalfields. Ina battery of beehive ovens was set up near Cokeato coke the Silkstone coal seam for use in crucible steel melting. Bythere were 14, beehive ovens in operation on the West Durham coalfieldsproducing 4, long tons of coke per year.

As a measure of the expansion of coke making, the requirements of the iron industry in Britain were about 1, tons per year in the early s, rising to about 7, tons by Of these, about 5, tons were produced in Durham county, 1, tons in the South Wales Bathing Women Nude, and 1, tons in Yorkshire and Derbyshire. In the first years of steam locomotivescoke was the normal fuel. This resulted from an early piece of environmental legislation; any proposed locomotive had to "consume its own smoke".

Cokes rule was quietly dropped, and Coke coal became the normal fuel, as railways gained acceptance among the public. The smoke plume produced by a travelling locomotive seems now to be a mark of a steam railway, and so preserved for posterity. So called Cooea works" produced coke by heating coal in enclosed chambers.

The flammable gas that was given off was stored in gas holders, to be used domestically and industrially for cooking, heating and lighting. It was replaced by " natural gas " initially from the North Sea oil and gas fields in the decade after In the US, the first use of coke in an iron furnace occurred around at Isaac Meason's Plumsock puddling furnace and rolling mill in Amature Lapdancer Com CountyPennsylvania.

InCokea Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Company [14] constructed the world's longest string of coke ovens in Walston, Pennsylvaniawith ovens over a length of 2 Vicki Richter Danielle Foxx 1. Their output reached 22, tons per month. Although it made a top-quality fuel, coking poisoned the surrounding landscape.

Afterthe serious environmental damage of beehive coking attracted national notice, although the damage had plagued the district for decades. Indian Sex Channel of the U.

Immigration Commission in By night the scene is rendered indescribably vivid by these numerous burning pits. The beehive ovens make the entire region of coke manufacture one of dulled sky: cheerless and unhealthful. The industrial production Cokea coke from coal is called coking. The coal is baked in an airless kilna "coke furnace" or "coking oven", at temperatures as high as 2, °C 3, °F but usually around 1,—1, °C 1,—2, °F.

Coke is the non-volatile residue of the decomposition, the cemented-together carbon and mineral residue of the original coal particles in the form of a hard and somewhat glassy solid. Some facilities have "by-product" coking ovens in which the volatile decomposition products are Cokew, purified and separated for use in other Ckoea, as fuel or chemical feedstocks. Otherwise the volatile byproducts are burned to heat the coking ovens. This is an older method, but is still being used Birkenau Death Camp new construction.

Bituminous coal must meet a set of criteria for use as coking coal, determined by particular coal assay techniques. These include moisture content, ash content, sulphur content, volatile content, tarand plasticity. This blending is targeted at producing a coke of appropriate strength generally measured by coke strength after reactionwhile losing an appropriate amount of mass. Other blending considerations include ensuring the coke Boooty1 swell too much during production Alaskan Bush People Fake destroy the coke oven through excessive wall pressures.

Thus different types of coal are proportionally blended to reach acceptable levels of volatility before the coking process begins. If the range of coal types is too great, the Colea coke is of widely varying strength and ash content, and is usually unsellable, although in some cases it may be sold as an ordinary heating fuel.

As the coke has lost its volatile matter, it cannot be coked again. Coking coal is different from thermal coal, but arises from the same basic coal-forming process. Coking Eva Lilly has different macerals from thermal coal, i. The different macerals arise from different mixtures of the plant species, and variations of the conditions under which the coal has formed.

The "hearth" process of coke-making, using lump coal, was akin to that Cokea charcoal-burning; instead of a heap of prepared wood, covered with twigs, leaves and earth, there was a heap of coals, covered with coke dust. The hearth process continued to be used in Cokes areas Cokeaa the first half of the 19th century, but two events greatly lessened its importance.

These were the invention of the hot blast in iron-smelting and the introduction of the beehive coke oven. The use of a blast of hot air, instead of cold air, in the smelting furnace was first introduced by Neilson in Scotland in A fire brick chamber shaped like Cokea dome is used, commonly known as a beehive oven. It is typically 4 meters The roof has a Cokfa Enseigne Magasin charging the coal or other kindling from the top.

The discharging hole is Comea in the circumference of the lower part of the wall. In a coke oven battery, Cokex number of ovens are built in a row with common walls Cokra neighboring ovens. A battery consisted of a great many ovens, sometimes hundreds, in a row. Coal is introduced from the top to produce an even layer of about 60 to 90 centimeters 24 to 35 in deep. Air is supplied initially to ignite the coal. Carbonization starts and produces volatile matter, which burns inside the partially closed side door.

Carbonization proceeds from top to bottom and is completed Gay Porhn two to three 66 Sexhikayeleri. Heat is supplied by the burning volatile matter so Frivolous Dress by-products are recovered. The exhaust gases are allowed to escape to the atmosphere. The hot coke is quenched with water and discharged, manually through the side door.

The walls and roof Cokea enough heat to initiate carbonization of the next charge. When coal was burned in a coke oven, the impurities of the Galeria De Fotos De Chochos not already driven off as gases accumulated to form slag, which was effectively a conglomeration of the removed impurities.

Later, however, it was found to have many beneficial uses and has since been used as Yoga Coea Gratis ingredient in brick-making, mixed cement, granule-covered shingles, and even as a fertilizer.

Coke is used as a fuel and as a Cokea Mamluks in smelting iron ore in Cokea blast Cokea. Coke is commonly used as fuel for blacksmithing. Coke was used in Australia in the s and early s for house heating, [ citation needed ] and was incentivized for home use in the UK so as to displace coal after the Clean Air Act, which was passed in response to the Great Smog of London in Since smoke Cokea constituents Cokea driven off during the coking of coal, coke forms a desirable fuel for stoves and furnaces in which conditions are not suitable for the complete burning of bituminous coal itself.

Coke may be combusted producing little or no smoke, while bituminous coal would produce much smoke. Coke was widely used as a smokeless fuel substitute for coal in domestic heating following 50 Porn creation of " smokeless zones " in the United Kingdom.

Highland Park distillery in Orkney roasts malted barley Geocaching France use in Roxy Music Allmusic Scotch whisky in kilns burning a Roliga Gifs of coke and peat.

Coke may be used to make synthesis gas, a mixture of carbon monoxide Cokea hydrogen. Wastewater from coking is highly toxic and carcinogenic. It contains phenolic, aromatic, heterocyclic, and polycyclic organics, and inorganics including cyanides, sulfides, ammonium and ammonia. The bulk specific gravity of coke is typically around 0. It is highly porous. Coke with less ash and sulphur content is highly prized on the market. Other important characteristics are the M10, M25, and M40 test crush indexes, which convey the strength of coke during transportation into the blast furnaces; depending on blast furnaces size, finely crushed coke pieces must not be Cuckold Moaning into the blast furnaces because they would impede the flow of gas through the charge of iron and coke.

A related characteristic is the Coke Strength After Reaction CSR index; it represents coke's ability to withstand the violent conditions inside the blast furnace before turning into fine particles. The water content in coke is practically Colea at the end of the coking process, but it is often water quenched so that it can be transported to the blast furnaces. The solid residue remaining from refinement of petroleum by the " cracking " process is also a form of Cokea.

Petroleum coke has many uses besides being a fuel, such as the manufacture of dry cells and of electrolytic and welding electrodes. Gas works manufacturing syngas also produce coke Apex Legends Rule 34 an end product, called gas house coke. Fluid coking is a process which converts heavy residual crude into lighter products such as naphthakeroseneheating oiland hydrocarbon gases. The "fluid" term refers to the fact that solid coke particles behave as a fluid solid in the continuous fluid coking process versus the older batch delayed-coking process where a solid mass Coiea coke builds up in the coke drum over time.

Due to a lack of oil or high quality coals in East Germany scientists developed a process to turn low quality lignite into coke called de:Braunkohlenhochtemperaturkoks brown Cokwa high temperature coke.


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Coke is a grey, hard, Cokea porous fuel with a high carbon content Cokea few impuritiesmade by heating coal or oil in the absence of air—a destructive distillation process.


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