Baddräkt Fairy Tail Lucy Gallery Pictures

Fairy Tail Lucy Gallery

Fairy Tail Lucy Gallery

Fairy Tail Lucy Gallery

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Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy is the aspiring year old wizard whose biggest dream is to join her dream guild: Fairy Tail. Lucy specializes in Celestial Magic where she can summon celestial Galleyr to aid her in battle.

Fairy Tail Lucy Gallery

Lucy asked by Gray to lend him her underwear. Lucy with her list of perfect boyfriends. Lucy joins Fairy Tail. Lucy, Natsu and Happy at Mt. Hakobe. Lucy kidnapped. A perverted Vulcan and Lucy. Lucy summons Taurus Ludy battle a Vulcan. Team Natsu treating Macao. Lucy and Natsu bring Macao to .

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Lucy summoning Aquarius for the first time. Lucy and Aquarius. Lucy and Erza stopped by Bob and Goldmine. Lucy faced with Lullaby. Lucy and the Trespasser. Lucy Excited. Lucy's imagination of the chain of command in Fairy Tail. Lucy shows her mark. Forced gate closure.