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Mira R6

Mira R6

Mira R6


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Make Your Choice 1 of 4 : Set every sens to 1. Restore the old behavior pre-Shadow Legacy - use all the values of the calculator to match the old feeling uses official Ubisoft values :. Scope Sensitivity 1. Mira R6

Mira R6

14/04/ · Mira means "look" in Spanish (a commonly used AR verb). The similarities between "Mira" and "mirror" are notable as well, as her gadget is called the Black Mirror. Mira was the lead engineer that created the specialized ballistic shield Mira R6 Tachanka's LMG. She, alongside Twitch, also worked on the creation of the CCE Shield for Proximity Alarm x 2Nitro Cell x 1.

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Specialist Elena María “Mira” Álvarez thinks on her feet. Someone this adaptable and versatile is difficult to predict as they should be. She Mira R6 risks, though, and I’m hoping they’re calculated ones. Álvarez is one of the operators who strives to be a hero. Ferociously protective .