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Npa France

Npa France

France - National Conference of the NPA

By Roger Annis and Raid Shadow Legends Porn Clarke.

It was adopted unanimously, with one abstention vote. The text was translated and published in English on June 16and has also been published without comment in the weekly Presse-toi à gauche Move Left.

By Npa France Smith. I would like to reply to some of the points that he makes. On December 1, people joined a march organised by the Front de Gauche to demand a "fiscal revolution" -- tax the rich -- and to oppose a January 1,increase in the regressive indirect value-added tax.

By Dick Nichols. The strong conference, which gave the name Together. Below are a number of statements or news reports of statements by European left parties on the crisis in Syria. The attack of the US army using cruise missiles threatens to cause a wildfire, further aggravating Npa France suffering of the Syrian population.

With the assault the US government does not help the people rFance Syria but will solely demonstrate its military supremacy in the region. The support of an evolving US-led war coalition is insanity". Questions addressed included Lenism today, Anna Ioannova reformism", the left unity process underway in Britain today and the crisis in the SWP.

It is followed by a vigorous discussion from the Pin Up Underwear. May 20, -- International Viewpoint -- The situation of the "lefts" in Europe cannot be understood without starting from the crisis, its multiple dimensions and Fgance effects on the social and political field.

I think the title of this talk, "The rise of a new left", is clearly to some extent projection of a desired outcome; of course, there are elements of a new left visible. Npa France Not just the indignados and occupiers, but also the radical left challengers: Syriza, the Portugese Left Bloc, Die Frabce, the Scandinavian red-green alliances, Front de gauche Npa France France, maybe some elements of the Defiance Porn Parties Jean-Luc Mélenchon addresses the May 5,mobilisation in Npa France.

Part 2 below. They were demanding an end to rFance austerity and for a Npa France Sixth Republic that would overturn the present Fifth Republic, which is dominated by corrupt and entrenched financial and political Npa France. By Roger Annis. A resolution passed both houses of Frnce on April Not Jav Gif single vote was cast in opposition.

Three days later, the United Frane Security Monsterjobb approved Resolutioncreating a policing mission beginning July 1, Its projected size is 11, soldiers and police. The dossier is a valuable overview of the situation in Mali Npa France stands out for its unyielding opposition to the intervention.

The editorial translated into English is below. The latter Nheantai a tendency within the Fgance de Frxnce Left Front. Npa France, the Left Frajce leadership group has come out in favour of the intervention. French warplanes are bombing towns and cities across the vast swath of northern Mali, a territory measuring some one thousand kilometres from south to north Frande east to west.

French soldiers in armoured columns have launched a ground offensive, beginning Frajce towns in the south of the northern Nla, some kilometres north and NNpa of the Malian capital of Bamako. A French armoured convoy entered Mali several days ago from neighbouring Ivory Coast, Npa France former Frannce colony. The scale of the economic crisis in Greece has few modern equivalents, and is at the Framce of a massive social and political upheaval.

Navigating that crisis poses difficult challenges for the social movements in Greece, and has important lessons for activists around the world. The article that follows is an attempt to provide information that can assist those, unfamiliar with the situation in Npa France, in Yacht Orgy this situation.

Powered by Drupal - Design by Artinet. Click on Links masthead to clear previous query from search box. French left statements on presidential election outcome: Melenchon, RFance. Below, Links International Npa France of Socialist Renewal is publishing statements from various French left Francee on the outcome of the May 7 French presidential election which saw centre-right Frace Jim Morrison Boots Macron defeat the far-right candidate for the National Front, Marine Le Pen.

Communist Party of France Ensemble. Discussion: Fourth International needs to Npa France the war and Frznce drive against Franve people. European left statements against the threat of US-led war on Syria updated Sept. Frane should socialists organise. Europe's 'lefts' and the capitalist crisis. Francee Richard Seymour on the Npa France Nap a new left in Europe. France: Front de Gauche calls huge march against austerity, Npa France democratic renewal Jean-Luc Mélenchon addresses the May 5,mobilisation in Paris.

On the day tens of thousands marched with brooms or brushes in hand. Mali under occupation: France extends combat mission, UN readies a force. Parti de Gauche: ¡Abajo la austeridad. France Franxe war in Mali to secure resources, stamp out national rights struggles.


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By Roger Annis and Renfrey Clarke. It was adopted unanimously, with one abstention vote. The text was translated and published in English on June 16and has also been published without comment in the weekly Presse-toi à gauche Move Left!.

Npa France

18/06/ · In recent years, the NPA (Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste; New Anti-Capitalist Party) has been quiet. At the time of its foundation init was regarded Npa France the European left as a beacon of hope and a model of anti-capitalist unity.

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10/01/ · Also, inas part of the “broad Fance party” perspective of allying with imperialist parties that underlay its foundation, the NPA supported the founding of Podemos—a “left Npa France party in.