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French Dungeon

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The facilities are ideally suited to couples but can accommodate up to 6 people without too much problem. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness, convenience and of course amazing food. Frehch can be open for fetish photo shoots and adult filming.

French Dungeon

20/9/ · The "oubliette" (pronounced "oo-blee-ett") is a French term from the verb "oublier" or "to forget". It was so named, because a prisoner was thrown down into one, and then forgotten. An oubliette was a specialized type of dungeon, with the French Dungeon entrance a trap door Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

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*** Let’s try to read French words. ‘ French Dungeon’ will develop your ability to read French words, while you’re playing it. While your soldier is being hit by the fierce monster, you will get to 4,7/5().

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